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No SoT ZenFone 8

Still no screen on time in battery settings for ZenFone 8 after some update.... Looks like this phone looses settings with the passing of time.

Help with Downgrading Android 13 to 12

Hello, looking for some help on how to downgrade Android 13 to 12 for Zenfone 8. I have downloaded the firmware provided in another thread and have tried to follow the ASUS steps here:https://www.asus.com/content/android-13-beta/However, I am require...

lf9330 by Star I
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No names ID caller from google maps

Hello,on my previer mobile (Redmi Note)  when somebody calling to me who have  a businnes on internet/google maps and not in my phonebook, than view a name of the company, and i know who calling to me. Is this possible to do with Zenfone 8?I tried fe...

Hyacynt by Star I
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ASUS Fix for Critical Security Flaw??

Greetings,In light of this very severe bluetooth vulnerability: https://www.androidcentral.com/apps-software/google-fixes-critical-android-zero-click-flaw that has existed in all versions of Android since 11, is ASUS going to issue a firmware update?...

nasch007 by Rising Star I
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Vysoké teploty u Zenfone 8

Při hraní náročnějších her jako je warzone mobile telefon dosahuje teplot až 49 stupňů CelsiaZajímá mě jen jaká je kritická teplota Vím že je to ekvivalent kapesního radiátoru ale toho přijde i mě moc 

Seaw by Star I
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No mobile data network connection after a recent update

Hello,After a recent android 13 update, my 2 years old phone mobile data did not work anymore. No internet network was connected even though the 4 G signal sign was there . No other issue with WiFi internet connection or cameras. I tried generating a...

"Swipe Up" on the Home Screen

Whwn I "swipe up" on the Home screen I get to view a page of buttons for all 20+ of "my" installed Apps along with buttons for Phone, Messages, Contacts, .., and a few other standards.Exactly the same bundle of Apps as is offered by the ASUS Launcher...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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respected sir i am having azuz perfect warrenty i am having a crack on my screen for zenbook flip 13 and my serial number is R3N0C********** plaese check it out and kindly notify me if iam eligible for free repalcement and i am currently in india i h...