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iphone SE can't connect ET9

Hi, having trouble connecting iphone 8 SE via wifi to ET9 router. The iphone supports all these types: 802.11 a/b/g/n/acI have 3 routers (2 Linksys, old Asus) and they all worked. I even turned on the 2.4Ghz band and still didn't want to connect. Any...

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ET9 2.4Ghz channel slows entire Wifi

Hello, don't know if anyone has tried this but when I turn on 2.4 Ghz band and 5 Ghz using the 6 Ghz as a wireless backhaul, all my wifi connections seem to want to use only 2.4 Ghz. Even if I'm 2 feet away from Router or the AiMesh 2nd node, same th...

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I am looking where can I buy replacement antennas for RT-AX88U that are broken.

IoT network with XT9 ?

Hello, it is possible to set up an IoT network with a two XT9 device combination in AP mode  ?If yes, how to do it?On this network, in 2.4 band, will be only a robotic vacuum cleaner. It will be possible to control it with an iPhone from the 5 GHz ne...

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Guest WiFis vs Access Intranet vs AP Isolation

Hi everyone,I'm thinking about getting an ASUS wifi router but before I do, I really need to understand how guest wifis/AP isolation/"access intranet" settings work together in terms of isolation.After I read all the documentation I would expect the ...

Resolved! XT9 Backhoul

Cannot change in Node AI Mesh Management the Backhaul Connection Priority which it is fixed to 2,4 - the roll down menu  is blocked. The node is Ethernet connected, what to do?On other hand on AI Mesh Network is showing Ethernet!?Pls. HELP ME

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Rog Rapture GT-AC2900 no lights but working

I have the following problem, yesterday I was configuring the modem to work as a brigde and I noticed that the router does not have the RGB lights that it has around it or the lights on the activity network ports. Everything is working correctly but ...