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Zephyrus s gx502gw likely gpu issue

So my laptop boots up fine but when it is about to show windows login my monitors becomes black ie goes into standby. I am able to boot into safe mode and believe the culprit is my gpu. I have uninstalled and reinstalled old and latest drivers for th...

indio99 by Star I
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ASUS Prime-x399-A 62qcode

Hello I am trying to setup a system using an ASUS Prime-x399-A running a 1920x Threadripper. Using an Nvidia 1050 GPU I am able to boot the system like normal, but when I plug in an Nvidia Tesla K80, I am stuck on "BIOS is updating led firmware" whil...

adkins by Star I
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Upgrading AM4 CPU, BIOS Question

Hi, im currently going from the Ryzen 5 2600 to the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, and my motherboard is the ASUS B450-I ROG strix. I looked on the website for the board, and it says the 5800X3D chip is supported since BIOS version 4801. Im currently very out of d...

koltyn by Star I
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Eco loyality upgrade 25% recycle discount program ?

Hi, an Idea to the Asus "board" :some 3-5 years ago I bought a Asus GTX 1600 gfx card ( from a physical shop )-now the card is (hopless) obsolete <:  [How about  Asus "chip in" 25% recycle discount (cost of the old card) if I buy say a new RTX card f...

Morty67 by Star I
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Diablo 4 code not received

Hello, I bought RTX 4070 Ti TUF at 5 June 2023 from . After i email them they told me i will receive the code in 24-48h after purchase. Then they told me i can't get this code. After i register the card here when i received it and they stil...

alexios by Star I
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