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RAM UPGRADE Asus Vivobook 15 X512 FB

Hi,I have an Asus Vivobook 15 X512 FB. Could you please let me know what is the maximum supported ram for this laptom. As I understand, it has 4GB internal memory and one free slot. Am I able to install a 16GB ram module?. Thanks in advance.!

Zenphone 11

Big camera upgrades are needed. With the snapdragon 8 gen 3, definitely gotta bring the video and picture quality to the standard. No less that 4k 60. Keep the small phone factor, needs design change, OS AND Security update at least 5 years to the in...

Armory Crate (aura lightning) without admin??

Hi, isn't it possible to run Armory Crate & aura lightning without admin rights?I've installed it on an admin rights account and would like to use it on a second regular account (no admin rights given) as well. Is there a solution to this? Otherwise ...

lb11 by Star I
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The Crucial Importance of Data Destruction for Community

Data destruction is vital for the community because it safeguards sensitive information, protects privacy, and prevents unauthorized access to personal and confidential data. Proper data destruction practices ensure a secure and responsible handling ...

Cant download asus dial & control panel

Hello asus team. I cannot download the Asus control panel. the internet connection is stable, I am logged in to my Microsoft account. I press install in the Microsoft application and nothing happens.

AnnaZet by Star I
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my SD card slot doesn't work

my asus ROG allay currupt my Sd card bought a new one to find out the SD slot is not working reading the SD card anymore. can I claim a repair or new device since im under warranty?

Zenfone but cheaper?

Maybe there could be something called a “Vivophone” which is similar to the Zenfone, but without the latest chip and cameras, making it cheaper.  Something like that would be awesome.

Storage error

How do you make it not like this? Have you done a factory reset but it's the same as this? Please help   -asus x014d