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Power problems with my laptop

Hello every one , i have a problem i tried to fix , searching on the internet but didn't find any answers , maybe someone could help me ,  so here's the problem , i have an old Asus k55vm or (Asus k55v) , when my laptop wake's up after  sleep mode ( ...

Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG

Hello, I need your help with unlocking. Could you add my tablet to the activation whitelist. I used Mitmproxy. My serial number: C8OK********. In advance, thank you.

Root and Data Recovery

Z012dc or ze552kl Android 8.0 How to enable root? Trying to use Magisk for data recovery .  

What to buy - ASUS new smartfone with offline bootloader unlock

Is there any asus smartfone with OFFLINE bootloader unlock?OFFLINE means:No Wifi required / network connectivityNo google logon requiredNo registration on some strange websites and waiting weeks after providing IMEI for unlock codeOFFLINE must work -...

hrd3 by Star I
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Multimode Optical Signal Dropping.

Hello Everybody,Recently we upgraded our camera to a Sony SRG-A40 4K PTZ Camera because it supports 3G signal using 3G SDI extender. This great and all, but, upon switching to full 1080p 60hz the signal kept dropping resulting in a pixelated flashing...

Resolved! Zenfone 3 serial number already registered!

Hello, is it possible to register an old Zenfone 3 Z017D bought from a 2nd hand shop since when I try I receive here a message that 'the serial number is already registered'? I am curious how old it may be and when expired its warranty. Besides I wan...

soryn by Star II
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Complete Zen Failure for support

After 7+ years of great whole-house mesh performance,  my main router finally failed.Easy. replace with latest zen router right? Nope. Could not get a successful setup. After 6+ hours of attempting, re-attempting, re-re-attempting setup, requesting a...

battery flat fast

Batery flat very fast. Within 2 hour, the battery status from 100% to 64% . How to solve . I open Whatapp web , Gamil and outlook . and without doing any window file.  

wkchew by Star I
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