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Photo Thread: Night Photography

Hey everyone!Welcome to our first Zenfone 10 photo thread. Now, as the title suggests, the theme is Night Photography. It may seem challenging since less light will reach your camera sensor, but I'm sure the results will be mindblowing. A few tips: U...

on which side do you put your zenfone dowm

Hey, I am happy owner of a ZF10 and I am facing some doubts on how to put it down, on a table, nightstand, etc. With previous phones I'd always have the screen upwards but with ZF10 the camera bump is significant. I also don't feel comfortable puttin...

tryol0 by Visitor
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Zenfone 10 Fonts

New to the Zenfone family. Loving the phone but it's not without its problems asany users have pointed out. Some problems I've noticed but haven't seen mentioned here are the fonts. I've only noticed it with two different ones and not really here to ...

cgZ10 by Visitor
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Consumer Cellular not working

Using Consumer Cellular (USA) and even though things seem connected and working when I try to make a call it instantly disconnects.I also don't have the ability to access the mobile plan settings and can't find any APN settings.When I try to access t...

Milkbad by Star I
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Zenfone 10 Photo Cameras

I switched from the Zenfone 9 to the Zenfone 10 and I have to admit that Asus improved significantly the image quality on the Zenfone 10 compared to the Zenfone 9, it seems that Asus is going on the right path. Here are some pictures that I took at P...

P_20230922_153820.jpg P_20230922_143805.jpg P_20230922_145536.jpg P_20230922_141854.jpg
berto35 by Rising Star II
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Keyboard and Gesture Haptics and Adaptive Brightness

Just got the Zenfone 10. Loving it overall, but have 2 questions/issues that I'm hoping can get resolved.1. Adaptive brightness just sometimes stops working. A restart resolves things but I'm wondering if there's a permanent fix I can do or a fix fro...

Aadu by Star I
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People who call me hear my voice crack

Hi, I have the Zenfone 10 for a few weeks now. I have the same kind of problems when getting called as is reported in this Zenfone 9 thread:https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-9/poor-sound-quality-while-making-a-call/td-p/365429I installed the ACR vo...

Leejjon by Star I
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Mobile Call speaker Problem

I bought a mobile phone about 7 months ago, and initially, it worked very well. However, after 4 months, the call speaker stopped functioning properly. Now, I have to open the call speaker to hear calls. Is there a solution to this issue, or do I nee...

Zenfone 10 : WhatsApp notifications issue

Hello,I have a problem with WhatsApp notifications, they are displayed abnormally, the size is disproportionate to the content of the notification. Have you planned an update to correct this? because it is very annoying on a daily basis.Thanks !  

Drissou by Star I
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What's the hype about the Zenfone 10?

All the reviewers are going on like it's the only small powerful phone. What about the s23? It's literally just a bit wider and that's it. Plus it has thinner bezels and a better camera. So can someone explain to me what am I missing?

mark808 by Star I
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