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No Sim Detected

I've made the decision to switch from IOS to android by getting the new Zenfone 10 and besides a small learning curve, I have never been more happy. This phone is perfect and I really don't want another unless I'm forced to. I got home from work last...

ZacG by Star I
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Where can I buy the 10 in Europe?

Does anyone know if there are any physical stores in either Spain (madrid or barcelona) or Portugal (Lisbon) where I can get the Zenfone 10? I'd rather not order it online. But I have no idea how to check before travelling there. Are they easily avai...

Zenfone 10 cannot Turn off System Auto Update

 as u can see in the screenshot, I cannot turn off the auto download and install option on my Zenfone 10. the system update was auto downloaded and I can only pause it but cannot "cancel" it, instead of "continue".Please kindly help on this.

Screenshot_20240718-202703_System_update (1).jpg Screenshot_20240718-202911_System_update.jpg
LettyH by Star I
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Battery drain

I went from the best battery, to a bad one in two months. I did factory reset and it was the best battery again. Now in back to a bad battery again. this is when it was good and this is bad,All apps use 10+% per hour now too i dont get it :(. I also ...

eb772737-2b70-4808-a69f-2b498ca8b152-1_all_196.jpg 1000033882.jpg 1000033883.jpg

What's going on with the Zenfone 10?

No security updates since May 2024, a bunch of complaints and suggestions in my original early posts at phone launch, supposed to be forwarded to the team have had no actions taken, Telegram crashes most times when trying to send media (esp. videos -...

PBN by Rising Star I
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messages app acting like malware again

 hello timestamp 1 January 1970 and the paying customer cannot even report the bug because you will tell me more and more lies and falsehood that "it's google, it's not asus"can you believe that it displays the date 01/1/70 1 :0AM for several message...

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 23.39.42.png
ddac by Star I
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