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What's going on with the Zenfone 10?

No security updates since May 2024, a bunch of complaints and suggestions in my original early posts at phone launch, supposed to be forwarded to the team have had no actions taken, Telegram crashes most times when trying to send media (esp. videos -...

PBN by Rising Star I
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Huawei watch on zenfone 10

So I will be buying a zenfone 10 any day now and right now have a huawei phone and watch which works well, I also have experience with xiaomi and apple working well, samsung works. Does anyone use or have a way of testing the compatibility with their...

messages app acting like malware again

 hello timestamp 1 January 1970 and the paying customer cannot even report the bug because you will tell me more and more lies and falsehood that "it's google, it's not asus"can you believe that it displays the date 01/1/70 1 :0AM for several message...

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 23.39.42.png
ddac by Star I
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Email Change Error

I can't change my email.  I have the following message; Unable to bind email. Any ideas?  

ASUS Zenfone 10 in India

Hey, Avadhoot here. I live in India and really want to buy a #Zenfone10. As its not available where i live. Is there any way to get an original piece directly from ASUS, or any other trusted dealerships? I really want that phone. When i searched for ...

Screenshot 2024-07-01 032117.png

please help i need to fix boot for zenfone 10

Hello Dearsplease help i disabled an app"media picker" "com.google.android.providers.media.module" by ADB and after i restart the phone its stucked on boot loop, and it shows me just to do factory reset  and i could not do that ever,so please help me...

Wifi problems

Hi,We have 2 Zenfone 10 at home and their a same problem : Wifi is correctly connect (see files attach)  but no connexion with my local cameras  and web. Others wifi equipments on my lan works perfectly (phone and latop). Gateway and dns adress are c...