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Problems installing NPSS on Debian 12

I am running Debian 12 on two NUC 12s (NUC12WSHi5).  One works perfectly; the other periodically (every few weeks?) locks up, requiring a power cycle to recover.  It is lightly loaded and doesn't appear to be overheating, but there is no useful infor...

dalbert by Star I
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Z790 p WiFi won’t display

Hello I just upgraded my mobo to a prime z790 and I was installing it today, I got it to boot, which took a while, and I was trying to update the bios via usb. During the update the display turned off and it stayed like that for a while. I turned it ...

Jesushi by Star I
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Hello everyone! ASUS bought the Intel NUC, and I would like to know if the new ASUS NUC comes with the ASUS bios or stays with the intel bios.

sbence by Star I
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Could it be an issue with the ASUS Monitor?

Hi, I have an ASUS TUF GAMING VG27AQL1A Monitor which is a few months old. But recently I have been having a problem while playing the game Fortnite. Sometimes the game takes a long time to connect. I dont know if the issue is related to the monitor....

Sonic Master Z240ic SSD Partition

Hi, My ASUS Sonic Master Z240ICGT bit the dust. It appears that the motherboard is at fault. I have removed the SSD drive to recover data/files stored on the drive. However the drive will not show on my Windows 11 computer. Disk manager wants to assi...

plrfl by Star I
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Wi-fi settings disapear after resting CMOS?

I bought a ROG PC today and had some complications while trying to get windows set up the first time. It ended up requiring a BIOS reset to get the PC to boot again.After this reset however, during setup, it acted like there was no WI-fi card install...

o1rewa by Star I
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 It has a i5, asus 1060 dual, I’d cooling cpu cooler 8 fans, idk what motherboard, owol 16gb ram, 500gb m.2  how much is this worth