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zenfone 11 compact

I am reading contradicting comments as to whether Asus will actually release a Zefone 11 compact. From my own research, it appears that Asus will no longer have a compact version. Even worse they will not support it in the future.Its a real shame as ...

krilkbe by Star I
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Asus ZenFone 11 Ultra

I'm interested in the 11 Ultra but wanted hear other people's opinions for performance, os and battery life. I don't trust most reviewers nowadays so I'd take the communities voice instead on it

headeda by Star I
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Magic Eraser?

Do Zenfone's gallery app have any editing tools like Pixel or Samsung? Mainly like a magic eraser? This would be on the Zenfone 11

Bootloader unlock

Is there any way we can bombard Asus' PR and demand them to give back the ability to unlock our phones' bootloader?Like, seriously. I bought the ZF8 cheap, almost a year after its release simply because I planned to flash LineageOS once the support f...

Bootloader unlock is dead 5.4.2024

Asus prefers to give a refund instead of giving us the abilty to unlock our phones.https://xdaforums.com/t/court-action-against-asus-false-promise-on-bootloader-unlock-tool.4657042/  

Just a Thought on Zenfone 11

I was planning on getting the Zenfone 11 and when looking at the specs for $899 I realized that the Oneplus 12 is also $899 but you get twice the storage 512GB vs 256GB and you also get 16GB of system ram vs 12GB. And the camera sensors are also bett...

ZenFone 11 sold out

Looks like you can't even pre-order the ZenFone 11 anymore That's sold out quick. I guess a lot more people like it than didn't like it lol.

Earthquake in Taiwan.

We have all seen the dramatic images of the earthquake in Taiwan and hope that none of you have been injured.

srota by Rising Star I
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