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Zenfone 11 ultra battery is insane!

Just a quick post to say that this phone has had the best battery life I've ever had on a phone and I've tested 100's at this point.Basically for my use case I'm getting 3 days between charges.On top of that the phone is snappy, camera's decent and t...

Option to disable edge tool missing

I've only had my Zenfone 11 Ultra for a day, but every time I've opened the edge tool it's been by accident. I don't have much need for it anyway since all its shortcuts are also on quick settings or on my home screen.It's my understanding the option...


No music playing info on AOD

Hello, I couldn't find the option to show the currently playing music on the always-on display. Does this option exist? Otherwise, this is another reason to make the AOD more useless, as it also doesn't show weather info and it is very dim most of th...

Bootloader unlock

Is there any way we can bombard Asus' PR and demand them to give back the ability to unlock our phones' bootloader?Like, seriously. I bought the ZF8 cheap, almost a year after its release simply because I planned to flash LineageOS once the support f...

Resolved! One question: Zenfome 11 Ultra Camera Modes M, C1 and C2.

I noted that when going to the Manual mode, the Camera Settings offer M, and then C1 and C2 . Do I understand correctly that these C1 and C1 are customisable camera settings, similar to what you can find in some reflex cameras? 

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