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Dead Zenfone 8 Revive

Hey, as we know now for sure the Zenfone 8 has a problem which i think is cause you got some nice brick update i would like trying to help. First of all its really important that check if:Did it make any sound when connecting it to a computer ?Get th...

Wi fi not startting

Hello, I have a ZenFone 8 and suddenly the wi-fi stopped. I don't know what happened. If I try to turn it on the button doesn't do anything. I have seen that there are several people with similar problem but Asus answers only in private. Do you have ...

Karcsy by Star I
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security updates

Latest available security update is 2023-11. Please update this to at least 2024 otherwise I can't use the phone for work due to compliance.

Fixed - grey screen on zenfone 8

My zenfone 8's screen randomly went grey, I couldn't do anything with it, including turning it off. Nothing worked, I couldn't use my phone at all!I tried a few things that I found on my laptop online, here's what actually worked for me: holding down...

lorenma by Star I
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Zenfone 8

Can I change the battery of this phone to the larger mah? This phone drain much faster when I play games ,only last for an hour in performance mode and last for 2 hours at most in durable mode.

Wireless Android Auto Does not work!

Model: Zenfone 8sw: 33.0210.0210.332Android 13Car: BMW running idrive 7Previously, I have not had a car with android auto and therefore never knew it did not work.I now do have a car that supports it and my phone does not work it.I tried to connect m...

What is the logic behind the big lenses on the Zenfone?

It appears to me that they don't do any focusing and are basically lens protectors. That is fine but their sheer size means that they get a lot of grime on them, more than most phones. Meanwhile I'm not seeing any advantages in terms of sensor size o...

How can I rejuvenate my Zenfone 8's USB C port

I've got a Zenfone 8 that's been going strong for the last 2 years, and I don't plan to upgrade immediately if I can help it. But just like my previous phone (Pixel 4a), my USB C port is becoming very loose and while some cables are very difficult to...

Flashlight not working on Zenfone 8

I am having problems with the flashlight on my Zenfone 8, it just stops working and doesn't turn on in camera app and flashlight. But (maybe just a coincidence) when I open my camera before unlocking my smartphone, turn on the flashlight option and s...

Zenfone 8 ramdump problem...

Hello everyone,It was going so well, loved this little fella'... But today was the day, after taking a photo the phone went dead, when I tried to turn it back on it had the dreaded ramdump screen. I tried to power it off, but after this I didn't mana...