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Last A13 update results in games lag

Hi!Since last March update games started lagging once per minute. Setting mode to High Performance, enabling/disabling Game genie doesn't help. Fone is not hot, so i'm pretty sure it's not throttling, but some freshly introduced system optimization r...

the90h by Star I
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Thoughts on Zenfone 8?

Given the growing pains of the Pixel 6, I am considering selling it if the January update doesn’t fix the most annoying things. I have been looking for alternatives and landed on Zenfone 8. It sounds like a good phone on paper except the not so great...

Android 13 won't pair with OBD2 reader

Hey, guys!1. Zenfone 82. BTMF.HSP.1.0.0-00896-QCAHSPROMZ-1.441976.13. Not rooted4. All the time5. BluetoothI am not sure if this happened after the last OTA update or when I upgraded to A13, but now I cannot interact with my OBD2 reader.It shows up i...

Ivant by Star I
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What carriers are you using?

I'm looking around at various MVNO and wanted to see if anyone has had experiences with any of them both negative and positive for this deviceCricket activated the sim card but wasn't compatibleUS Mobile won't activate the sim cardTMobile worked fine

Zenfone 8 video sound clipped camera app issues

Hello, there's another issue that ruins my day with Zenfone 8 since android 13 update. So my video camera app clips sound of most of my video recordings. Also sometimes microphone jumps to my earbuds if connected (observed jumping from buds microphon...

endrjug by Star II
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Just another dead Zenfone 8

Hi,My Zenfone 8 died suddenly after using it for 1 year and 9 months. Black screen with no response at all. On one hand very disappointed, on the other happy that I have still 3 months of warranty left. I'm not sure if it will be replaced with a new ...

Bluetooth With Polar H10

Zenfone 8, after upgrading to Android 13, couldnt connect Polar H10 to Polar Beat, Polar Flow, Strava.Polar H10 connect to my 2 others phone & Smartwatch without issue.Update version 33.0210.0210.269 earlier March didnt bring anything. It would be to...

jekinco by Star I
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