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Zenfone 8 Flip long term use

Anyone here have the zenfone 8 flip? What are the issues that you've encountered so far? Does it have the ramdump issues of the zenfone 8 as well? I've searched but I wasn't able to find any ramdump issue for the flip. Im planning on upgrading from m...

Macros UI in games

So when i start macros, the UI appears here. How can i move it to any side? it covers important part of the screen. cannot find it in any settings

Goyt by Star I
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Android Auto Not Working on Rog Phone 3

1. Model Name : Asus Rog Phone 3 Tencent Edition2. Firmware Version : 31.0210.0210.2583. Rooted or Not : Not4. Frequency of Occurrence : Since I got my Rog Phone 3 Tencent edition I have never been able to get Android Auto to work on my car. Firstly,...

Laptop warranty

If I change the RAM of my laptop myself, will the warranty of my laptop be voided? Laptop - ASUS TUF A15 

HDMI alt mode (video out of HDMI)

I own the Zenfone 9 and used to own the Zenfone 8. I think one of the biggest features that is missing from the Zenfone series is HDMI alt mode. (Video out via USBC) I know it is available for the Rog phone series and I'm wondering why they wouldn't ...

ZenBook S 13 UX393EA - Windows Update & Microsoft Store fail

Hello,I am at my wit's end resolving fresh Windows Update install errors on my new Asus ZenBook. I have recently purchased a new model UX393EA ZenBook S 13. It is unused until my purchase though I believe it is a generation old.Fresh install Windows ...

Annotation 2023-02-05 034702.png Annotation 2023-02-05 034732.png
bobobob by Star II
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