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Faluty monitor (3 month old) Serial number: RBLMTF167446

LCD monitor 31.5" ASUS TUF Gaming, serial number: RBLMTF167446 Dear Service Team,I am writing to request a warranty repair for my monitor, which has developed vertical striping issues during its use in our office environment. This defect significantl...


ASUS MB16ACM Blinking when start the computer

Hello to the community. I'm an happy user with my Portable Monitor MB16ACM with my MacBook Pro M1 Max. After some OS latest upgrade, I noticed that every time I'm starting the Macbook the monitor start to blinking by turn itself on and off...many tim...

540hz Overclock Crashing

Hey, I just got my hands on the 540hz Asus monitor, and every time I go to overclock, my pc crashes, and upon restart, the monitor can only go to 240hz?When it is not overclocked, it goes to 500hz just fine, however I'm trying to get the full refresh...

resler by Star I
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ProArt Display PA279CRV FIRMWARE

Hi, is it possible to update the firmware of the ProArt Display PA279CRV?"BIOS&FIRMWARE" tab doesn't even exist on the official support page for this model. 

dpraz by Star I
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PA147CDV not displaying

Heya, I just recently purchased this monitor and followed the quick start guide. I plugged in power with the provided usb-c female to usb-a male end adpater along with putting in the hdmi into my gpu then usb-c male to usb-a male cable into a free in...

Zureous by Star I
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Resolved! Asus ProArt PA279CRV does not wake after sleep

Hi,I have just purchased a new Asus ProArt PA279CRV monitor.The monitor is connected to the laptop (Lenovo Legion 5 with nvidia RTX 3070) via USB-C/DP port as a second screen. I have also connected mouse and keybord to monitor's USBs. When I plug in ...

Resolved! PA32DC self calibration grey

I am unable to select self calibration on my PA32DC. My firmware is showing B00T00.I can't upgrade my firmware. I have downloaded the firmware update to my Mac, and I can put it onto a Flash drive. Which 2 buttons do I press to initiate firmware upda...