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Firmware updates for Asus PA279CRV 4K HDR 27” monitor

Star I

On March 21, 2024, I bought ASUS - PA279CRV. Due to a connectivity issue with a MacBook Pro M3, I contacted Apple support. (It's not even clear that the ASUS monitor has anything to do with the issue - but Apple stopped the inquiry until this issue is resolved.) They said they would do nothing until the firmware was either determined to be current or to have it updated. It's proved to be very (VERY) difficult to figure out how to locate the current firmware and how to find and then upload the updates. As noted, I have a MacBook Pro and ASUS seemed silent on Apple solutions as a general proposition. 

Can anyone provide information on this? Is there a firmware update?



Hi @SCC-in-MD ,

based on your question, could you please specify what connection issues you are currently experiencing? 

Can you provide more details about the problem? 

What type of signal cable are you using? Are you using USB-C? 

Also, please refer to the FAQ below to see if it can help resolve the issue. 

[ProArt Display]If PA279CRV/PA329CRV is connected to Macbook Pro 2019 by USB-C, due to the special d...

Thank you.

Star I

I am facing the same issue. I can't connect any device to my PA279CRV over usb-c, the screen just goes black or says no signal. Is there any fw update to fix this? Switching to DP1.2 mode did not work for me.

Turns out the issue was with my S24 Ultra: it seems to be incompatible with the PA279CRV and disables usb-c on the monitor until the monitor is turned Off and On again.