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same hotspot wifi and camera problem as everyone else

I sent my zenfone 8 flip to an ASUS centre near me and lo and behold, the repair cost is more expensive than the phone itself. As with other posts, Wifi and hotspot isn't working and of course the camera won't flip. They already reformatted it at the...

HOTSPOT & Wifi cannot ON , and Camera don't flip

My Asus zenfone 8 flip suddenly have some malfunction a few days ago 01-May-2024. I am very sad. I have taken very good care of it. The problems areWifi can't turn on, hence can't be used Hotspot can't turn on, hence can't be used (a word "Error" wri...

Sobun by Star I
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WiFi, Hotspot, and Flip Camera Problem.

Model Name: Asus Zenfone 8 FlipFirmware Version: WW_33.0210.0210.331Rooted or not: NotFrequency of Occurrence: Every DayHello Asus Team and other users. I had a problem with the Wifi-Hotspot not turning on and the flip camera not working. Of course, ...

ブートローダーのアンロック(Bootloader Unlock)

私はスマートフォンの所有者として、Bootloader Unlockを突然勝手に閉鎖したASUSに強く抗議します。Bootloader Unlockは、スマートフォンのカスタマイズに必要な機能です。私達はお金を払ってスマートフォンを購入したので、そのスマートフォンは消費者のものです。メーカーによって制限がかけられた状態というのは、消費者の所有権や自由を侵害するものです。メーカーは、ニーズや要望、それに加えて購入時にした約束に応えるべきです。速やかにBootloader Unlockの閉鎖を撤回し...

r_kato by Star I
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How do I download the OTA upgrade file?

HelloI'm currently using version 296, but the Release Notes bulletin says it's up to version 331. However, I'm in bootloader unlock so I can't receive OTA notifications, and I can't download any version other than version 296 on the Asus website. Whe...

HOTSPOT & Wifi cannot ON , and Camera don't flip

I Love Asus Products, I have Asus Laptop and 2 Phones before, and it's working perfectly ...Then I Purchased this Asus 8 Flip Last year . I was amazed how Flipping camera work,  until one day Its Slow uploading,  then Stop Hotspot & Wifi , even the C...

Out of the blue, file transfer and cameras are not working

Hi,I reset my Zenfone 8 Flip and now the camera app is buggy as hell. Only the main camera works and it defaults to 3x zoom, despite clearly being at 1x. The front camera doesn’t work, but the camera will turn if I hold the button down manually. Howe...