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Zenfone 8 Flip - Wifi, Hot Spot and Camera Flip not functioning.

Upon updating to the latest Android 13 the Wifi, Hotspot and Camera Flip not working. Please kindly give this a attention its been a month. I think there is a bug in your system for Zenfone 8 Flip users that disable them to use the wifi and hospot an...

JT24 by Star I
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Question about the Zf 8 Flip

Hello, everyone!I need an honest opinion. I have had the Zenfone 5z for a few years now and it is now showing some signs of fatigue.. I would like to buy the 8 Flip. But I'm a little afraid...I cogitated the 7, but I saw that in the 8 they came back ...

Is it still worth to get Zenfone 8 Flip at this point?

Been using Zenfone 5Z since November 2018, still good for everyday use. But my battery only last for few hours, wide angle camera not working, lagging sometimes, can't play some games decently unless low settings.So I want to upgrade the 8 flip camer...

remo053 by Star I
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Updates taken down?

My phone needed service and apparently the mainboard was changed and because of that my phone is running older firmware.Updater doesn't find any new updates and i can't find any updates anymore on support page.Where can i get newest firmware and why ...

zenfone 8 flip last hope need help

got my Zenfone 8 flip from amazon Germany in (Oct 2021) worked for one month then my phone screen went black after it went to sleep at night when it was charging i heard the alarm after that nothing and everything works flash camera when i use the vo...