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Star II

My asus zenfone 8 flip suddenly have some malfunction. The problems is

  • wifi can't turn on, hence can't be used
  •  hotspot can't turn on, hence can't be used (a word "Error" written under the hotspot setting)
  • flip camera not working, hence front camera can't be used (showing a notice there something blocking the camera, while there nothing)

I have restart it multiple times, also not fixing the probiem. On first restart after problem occur, the boot time took longer than before this problem happen, and it continues after.


I have used this phone for almost 1 year and 8 months and has not counter any problems. The phone is taken care very well, never dropped, never overcharging it, never let it have high temperature like playing heavy games although it sometimes get heated up even when I only use for social media, but I will stop and leave it to cool. I also extremely rare using the front camera (flip mechanism). But still the problem just came out of nowhere to happen.

I was charging my phone as usual and when it's complete, I took the phone and notice the wifi is turned off. I try to turn on the wifi but it's not turning on. I search online about this and found other users experience other problem such as their hotspot and flip camera not working. When I checked mine also experience same thing as them.

For your information, my phone has never update it's system since the first time I purchased it, or if I remember, maybe only once right after I brought it to home, and it's about small security update. Because of that, my phone still running Android 11. When I read the online forum further, I found these problems occur when user update their system, which is why I choose to never update them. My phone has working flawlessly untill 14 December 2023 where the problems occur. Although I never update the system, the problem still occuring on my phone, so suddenly and I never expected it.

Since the restart option not fixing the problem, I have consider other option to fix it such as;

  • update the system
  • factory reset
  • send to asus service centre
  • send to 3rd party repair shop

However, I could not perfrom these action as I am thinking the upcoming consequences from it, like

  • If I update the system or factory reset, I'm afraid the problem still exist while it deleted all my data, or my phone  would be fully not working anymore (dead)
  • For sending to asus service centre, I have read some of other user discussion in my country when they send their device to asus service centre in LowYat, Kuala Lumpur, for out of warranty device the SC would charge as much as RM1500-1900 for motherboard replacement. I absolutely not have that much money just to repair a phone, almost the price I pay to purchase the phone itself. In my case it my phone obviously has out of warranty
  • If I send to 3rd party repair shop, I'm afraid they might not fixing my phone or even worse do more damage to it (the worst is if the phone could not be turned on anymore, my phone will be useless and definitely required me to get asus SC help, but at the same time I didn't have that much money to pay)
  • If these problem occur and make me unable to use the phone again, who's going to be responsible for it? Is it me? The only way is to bring it to service centre and pay RM1500 to fix it? That is really dissaponting of Asus

This problem really stressing me out as I bought this phone for long term use, like how my Zenfone 5 still working untill this day. Please don't ask me to do troubleshooting action like you suggest to other user because it will never work since the wifi and hotspot CAN'T EVEN BE TURNED ON. To be honest, I don't feel like responsible to pay for the SC charge because I believe the problem is not caused by the users (me) other than the phone itself. I was hoping through this forum I could find a way. This is only phone right now and as a students I really depending on it

Here are some information about my phone;

  • Build number RKQ1.201022.
  • For serial number, I'm afraid that it's a sensitive information here, so I will provide it when you ask
  • Running Android 11

I have read from a user that manage to fix it at the service centre throught replacing the motherboard without needing to pay any charge even his phone was out of warranty. I was hoping for the same solution!

Please help me!


Star II

It's Monday already, still no reply from ASUS? Are you serious? Do you guys even care about your customers? Is it because I state that my phone was out of warranty you guys decide to take your eyes off from this? Please respond to my problems I need to find a solution for this phone before this year end. I already have a live chat with customer support in my place and in the end they still will ask me to go to the service centre. I could not prepare the amount of money to pay their charge. It's ridiculous even if I need to because it's not my fault to begin with.

Please shows your responsibility, ASUS.

Hello @Nizam3 


We sincerely apologize for the recent inconvenience with your Zenfone and regret any delay in our response over the weekend.

To address the issues, we strongly advise backing up your data and performing a factory reset on your device. This process will not compromise or diminish the hardware's physical capabilities.


Additionally, kindly provide information about the firmware version/OS your device is currently running. 


Thank you~ 



Aside from that the reason why I can't perform factory reset is because this is my only phone for use daily. All my banks, contact and information already stored here and with doing so will trouble me. I have also read other users performing the same action and the result is still same which I believe mine will be too. I can't do it if it's not even going to fix the problem while also give me more trouble by erasing all my information and data. I don't have a backup phone. As for my older zenfone 5 that phone even though it still working most application already not supported on it including my banks due to it still stuck at android 8 where I intentionally leave it to after reading many complaints of bugs and error from the software update.

Will not compromise hardware's physical abilities? I have also read other users phone get bricked after update their system, it still related even if it's not factory reset since it involving with software manipulation of your products, which means it's still possible. If anythings happen to my phone, who's going to be responsible for it? It's not like I don't want to do it but what's the point of doing it when it will be useless as well cause more trouble for me?

Please understand the worries and difficulties I am facing due to this problem!

firmware version: Android 12, WW_31.1010.0411.156
build number: SKQ1.210821.001.31.1010.0411.156 release-keys


According to your description, it is recommended that you get in touch with the service center at your location to arrange for the repair of your phone.
As it has been beyond the warranty period, the service center may provide you with a cost estimate for parts replacement.
The following is the contact information: 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.