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UI bugs

The notification shade seems to almost always pick white color for text on white wallpapers. The clock widget shows a white clock, meanwhile the weather app shows a black colored version??? The UI IS VERY  inconstant. + The widgets still struggle to ...

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M_K_E by Star III
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Zenfone 10

So I finally bought the phone after much deliberation. The first noticeable feature is the Goliath battery. I charge it to 80% overnight and when I come back home, the charge is 50% in the evening after 4-5 hours of screen usage. The camera is decent...

huckk by Visitor
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Zenfone: stop programmed obsolescence!

Now that Samsung and Google have officially announced long term support for their latest phone series (7 Android major updates!), I'd like to encourage Asus to do the same for the fantastic Zenfone series.Otherwise, I won't hesitate to switch back to...

Enofnez by Star I
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Asus is not a phone company

The only thing people as me and others should do is to quit buying their products.I already sold my ZenFone 9 and ZenFone 8 is on selling and I bought an Galaxy s22 for me I will never buy an Asus phone ever again ever!

Multimode Optical Signal Dropping.

Hello Everybody,Recently we upgraded our camera to a Sony SRG-A40 4K PTZ Camera because it supports 3G signal using 3G SDI extender. This great and all, but, upon switching to full 1080p 60hz the signal kept dropping resulting in a pixelated flashing...

ZenFone 11 won't turn on

Hi, I bought a ZenFone 11 less than two months ago. Last night I connected it to the charger and went to bed. Today when I woke up the phone was apparently dead.I tried to shut it down by pressing the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and then tried ...

Getting started

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