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NFC on quick access

I was a happy user of the ASUS ROG Phone 5 until February this year when it got lost. The replacement because the 8 in the series, and I noticed a little... Issue?On the ROG Phone 5, you would simply pull down the notification bar to get all your qui...

Okies by Visitor
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Batery draining

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the battery draining on my phone, I'm sending screenshots below, what can I do about this?    

1000019213.jpg 1000019215.jpg 1000019214.jpg 1000019213.jpg

White noise during aux for Sony CH720N

I tried on the headphones "CH720N" and when playing music, there's constant white noise when the volume between 1-60, as soon as I put it between on higher frequencies the white noise disappears, Pretty sure this is not a aux port issue as other earp...

Resolved! Icon on status bar

After the last update on the ROG Phone 8 Pro, the network icon in the status bar stopped showing the network speed.  It shows a speed of zero.  Respectively, it shows the network speed, but only after turning on the refresh rate icon in the status ba...

Ed7 by Star I
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Hot rog phone 8

Hello everyone, I noticed a very interesting thing - when Armory Create hangs up or whatever happens to it, the battery starts to drop very quickly overnight, sometimes even 20% and the phone gets very hot, restarting the phone fixes this problem bec...

My phone crashes when I try to attach a file!!!

When I try to attach a file from internal storage to an app or site (Gmail, Chrome, Brave etc.), my phone crashes.This happens through the media selector and the file manager (in the case of the file manager, when I press the "attach file" button on ...

AlexH by Star III
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ROG Together for AnimeVision

For AniMe vision, many GIFs are locked because they need to send or receive through the ROG Together feature. I know no one who has an ROG phone in my circle, and honestly, due to the problems in the phone, especially the invisible AOD and new notifi...

Resolved! How to enable Hypercharge 65

Hello Folks,I am using ROG Phone 8 Pro and I've noticed that when I plug in the Original block and cable that came with my phone, it shows "Hypercharge 30" but I am aware that this phone should charge at 65 watts unless we disable it, may I know how ...