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Wifi on ROG 8 has a lower stability and higher latency

I have an ROG 6 and an ROG 8.  On the same wifi network and at the same location, although the ROG8 reports the same signal strength, the latency is greater with less stability and ranges from 60 to 100ms compared to a stable 30ms on the ROG 6.I have...

ROG Tagline - ROG = Republic of Gamers.

Dear Asus the ultimate thing what i saw is your tagline.ROG - Republic of Gamers.And after Launching ROG Phone 8 Pro.You just think is this tagline really suits to you.Every Gamer in this forum hate this expensive Phone cause this Phone is not suitab...

Don't expect much better update from ASUS.

If you people are looking to sort out the biggest issue of Airtrigger and cooler buttons from the update. Don't expect too much from update and switch to another device.Cause they really don't care about their customers after launching the the device...

Rog 8 pro battery display

Hi, does anyone know how to remove/turn off the tiny (red/orange) battery icon displaying on top left of the screen when i plugged the charger? Its showing up when the screen is locked while charging.

Rrj01 by Star II
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ROG 7 Got II Update

ROG 7 got 2nd Update in two week. And ROG 8 Pro have too many Problems which already submitted one month ago but still no update for ROG 8 Pro.ROG 8 Pro Team Sleeping .

Resolved! Rog 8 users i need help..

i made mistake by changing the "smallest width" in developer option. i don't know what is the default for rog 8 pro.. forgot to take screenshot before changing it. can anybody help me pls.

Rrj01 by Star II
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Increase numbre of icons in Dock

I was talking to some people that have the phone 8 on hand in Reddit ( I don't have one on hand since it hasn't released to the US) and they tell me you can't have more than 4 icons in the app dock. Is that true? Cause I believe I've seen videos of t...

Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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Air triggers

Ok here we freaking are again!!!! This time the air triggers are the worst ever. An absolute failure. Let's give back these phones and never buy Asus again. They must be ashamed of themselves. Rog 8 pro bla bla bla and the result is traaaaash. Tomorr...

houssy by Star I
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Front speaker

When i play some videos from my rog 8 proI hear cracking sound from my front ear speaker How can i do ??Especially hear more cracking sound at amory crate background music Is there anyone who face this issue??