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Disappointmwnt with Rog Phone 8 Pro

Hello! I'm really disappointed with my Rog Phone 8 Pro. I've already submitted on this forum multiple issues, regarding games, nfc. Now none of those issues were resolved, nfc works only with phone case which makes this phone massive and recently asu...

DanteDT by Star II
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Rog8 wifi issues

Guys why does this phone have wifi issues?? It's either slow with wifi or disconnects for a bit. Legitimately wish I never got this **bleep** and sticked with the rog 3 which is far better. Would appreciate if anyone knew how to fix this issue.

k1aska by Star I
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Glitch on latest firmware rog 8 pro

Hi guys. I found glitch after playing a game.Anyone have experience like this (vide attachment) ? I install the game from clean/fresh installation rom.It is bug firmware, or broken hardware?

Arlo by Star III
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Asus is a fraud **bleep** sucking bastards

Hey asus u mother **bleep**ers can't u reply for customers complaints  I have been sent more messages about air triggers issue and WiFi issues like hell of times since there is no **bleep**ing reply or response from u this the way u make money ...

ROG8pro camera

My 4 month old ROG8 Pro camera, overnight, started to glitch out, lag, freeze and make static colored lines throughout the screen with the camera open. Lots of clicking. Can't find a single thread of this happening. I baby this thing and have never e...

T-Mobile "Auto 5G" bug

"Auto 5G" doesn't work on US T-Mobile.  It causes networking to die when the screen is off.  Even WiFi seems to quit working.  When the phone wakes it's kicked off the cell tower for a while - it shows an empty triangle with an 'x' in it.Turning Auto...

My opinion about Asus

 I am not trying to hate or something. This is truly how I feel about the mobile phone thing that marvels me till now, how can't you have good developers with serious efforts. to maintain and fix issues related to your so called premium ...

Ask, play store issue

Anyone have an issue about purchase item at play store? My rog 8 cant buy item in game or app because country issue, but in my rog 7 with same account is no issue .

Arlo by Star III
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mobile data problem

I've bought rogphone 8 pro in Thailand and i live in Turkey I've 2 problems with this phone the first one is when turn off the Mobile data, you have to restart the phone for the internet work again, and the second problem is sometimes when the charge...