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Out of the blue, file transfer and cameras are not working

Star II


I reset my Zenfone 8 Flip and now the camera app is buggy as hell. Only the main camera works and it defaults to 3x zoom, despite clearly being at 1x. The front camera doesn’t work, but the camera will turn if I hold the button down manually. However, only the zoom camera works while in front-facing mode. I attempted to factory reset the phone again but I had no luck. Then I tried recovery mode to manually apply an update with an SD card, no luck there either as it fails to mount the sdcard. The SD card works when I’ve started the phone.

Also, I can charge by USB but it won’t accept any sort of file transfer, not to an external SSD or a PC. All these functions were confirmed to be working before this. I’ve used different cables and ports on my PC, but nope.

My theory with the camera is that the phone somehow thinks it’s a regular Zenfone 8. I don’t know how, but I would like to get it sorted out.

Attached is a screenshot from the camera app.


Star II

Update: now nothing except charging works over USB. Game controller too stopped working.