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WIFI and Hotspot stop working!! Help please.

After some system updates, including android 13, my wifi worked normally, however at one point I needed to restart the phone, after I restarted it it never connected to WI-FI again I tried to restart a few times to see if the bug exit, but it didn't ...

LuBuuuH by Star I
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battery drain

hi, i just bought a zenfone 8 flip and the battery life sucks! i have to charge my fone 2 to 3x a day. ive read that this might be because of poor os optimization from asus. because previous os like a11 last this fone wholeday. 

rei0113 by Star I
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From the time we receive A13 update, devices from zenfone 8, zenfone 8 flip to ROG 5 have been experiencing WIFI, HOTSPOT and camera issues, and up until today we haven't hear from ASUS, we been disgusted for their lack of software support and resolu...

Camera panorama bug. More than 360 degrees

When I make a panorama in the stock camera app (Version I get a picture with a resolution of 12960x2560 that takes more than 360 degrees. I do a little more than 1 rotation, as a result the panorama has a seam and a repetition of par...

What time Asus oem unlock server can working?

I have been waiting for the official unlock to be available since 5/2.And I even called customer service.Can ASUS give us users a date?Please be a little responsible to consumers, we are not spending money to wait for an after-sales service with no d...

Zenfone 8 Flip Camera Module replacement

Hey folks, Short Story:Anyone know where I can source a Zenfone 8 Flip Camera module, the main camera on my flip is busted, a lot of the local phone repair shop here don't have supply for it. I saw one online from Cellrepair, but its OEM, not sure if...

JCDude by Star I
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