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Zenfone 8 Flip long term use

Star I

Anyone here have the zenfone 8 flip? What are the issues that you've encountered so far? Does it have the ramdump issues of the zenfone 8 as well? I've searched but I wasn't able to find any ramdump issue for the flip. Im planning on upgrading from my oneplus 7 pro. The flip seems like a good choice as I don't like the notch and hole punch. The big battery and 90 hz refresh also looks good on paper.


Star III

I have one for almost 2 years now, also upgraded from a 7 pro after I smashed its screen in the parking lot lol. So far I had no software issues at all, no ramdump or anything. But there's a few things to share:

- The 8 flip's main camera doesn't have OIS like the 7 pro, so the pictures will be slightly worse, especially if you're moving or your hand is shaking. I'm really upset for this backwards step so I'm actually thinking of putting my broken 7 pro's flip camera into my 8 flip, see if it works better.

- The 8 flip got Android 13 but it won't get 14, so it's not the most futureproof thing to get one now. Although I also want to keep it as long as it works because I love the flip camera and so far there's no alternative.

- My battery life took quite a hit recently, it doesn't last a full day anymore. Granted I'm a pretty heavy user (2 SIM cards, dual band wifi, multiple bluetooth connections on all the time, but I have my battery profile on Durable and I use the screen on 60Hz with DC dimming). But I guess this is to be expected after almost 2 years.

Other than this, I'm quite a happy user, I have some very minor performance issues sometimes so I'm thinking of doing a factory reset to wipe out all the mess. But I hope this phone can last me a few more years.