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Zenfone 8 Flip - Wifi, Hot Spot and Camera Flip not functioning.

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  • Upon updating to the latest Android 13 the Wifi, Hotspot and Camera Flip not working. Please kindly give this a attention its been a month. I think there is a bug in your system for Zenfone 8 Flip users that disable them to use the wifi and hospot and camera flip and not to function. Thank you.


Regarding the issue you have reported, please refer to the following FAQ to see if the situation can be resolved.  
If the issue persists, we kindly request you to send your phone for repair to further investigate the matter. Once you obtain the RMA number, please provide it to me so that I can notify the service center about your case. 

I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Each and every person telling it's occurs after update but you guys still think we're fool . Nevermind let's get this issue bigger now . All user who complained have a evidence including me.  If asus doesn't wanna admit their mistake and repair our devices back means alright a legal filed case with tones of evidence would be the best solution and justice for user like us.  Everything became business right . Justice also have power to contribute with people who effected . A legal case and a biggest level of shame coming soon for asus and it's service ,😌

Star II

done give simple reason, you guys refer to change motherboard straigth away . Even local phone repair shop telling it's jz component error but what you guys doing ah. Giving bill of 1900 riggit straightly. How people can afford it , see how many people have effected with same problem . I not let this issue simply , gonna put a legal case on asus and gonne put full evidence of this page comments and what I experience with asus customer care after tones of emails . Let's meet in court soon . 🙂