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Wifi, Hotspot, and now my flip module is not working. Zenfone 8 Flip!! Need help immediately.

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My phone just restarted randomly and suddenly my WIFI and Hotpsot would not turn on. Now also my flip up module isn't working and just flops. I read online that there is a way to fix it by just downgrading to a previous version but Asus seemed to have removed the downloads for firmware. Now I'm stuck with an unusable phone that I need ASAP because my wallets are there :<


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Same issue with camera retraction issue too after update. They will refer you to change motherboard straight away. That's how Asus react for customer if not believe me try it out

I'm not looking forward to having it sent to a service center and having a component replaced for a hefty price I do believe you. All I need is for them to at least provide me with this version of the ROM firmware.


Which is currently missing/removed on their site. I'm seriously considering this to be my last Asus Phone ever, might as well go for Samsung or a pixel.


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