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Question about the Zf 8 Flip

Star I

Hello, everyone!

I need an honest opinion.


I have had the Zenfone 5z for a few years now and it is now showing some signs of fatigue..


I would like to buy the 8 Flip. But I'm a little afraid...

I cogitated the 7, but I saw that in the 8 they came back with the headphone jack(and it is very relevant to me).


I have a chance to buy one from the Asus store in Portugal, but I saw on their site that the model available ends in EU (as in europe).


I ask, does this have any relevant meaning? Is it different from a WW device? Also, is 799 Euros too much for the country's standard?

I know that when the device comes to my country, it will be unviable (as happened with the Zf 7, completely flopped), so I wanted to take this opportunity or maybe move on for another brand...