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Zenfone 8 flip does automatically turn off when on home screen

Dear Network, i have a big issue here. My asus zenfone 8 flip automatically turns off when I enter the home screen of the phone. I was using it normally when suddenly the phone turned off. Since then, when i enter the home screen it automatically tur...

nararge by Star I
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Downloads removed from support page

Can we get an official answer regarding all historical downloads being removed from the support page? Is this part of the unlock tool being removed and they will supposedly get put back up at some point (not that I believe it will go back up at this ...

Resolved! Downgrade from android 13 beta to android 12

Hi everyone,A year ago, I was participating in the Android 13 beta program for my phone, the Zenfone 8 Flip. After several days, I wanted to terminate the program, so they sent me a file to return to the Android 12 version. But I could not return to ...

Naruto1 by Star I
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Camera 3rd party apps

Please Asus, send an update so that when we use the camera in 3rd party apps it uses the main camera instead of the wide camera. When video calling in WhatsApp etc the quality is quite bad because of this. Please please send an update.

I probably made a mistake with this Zenfone 8 Flip

I smashed up my Samsung and in order to save a bit of money I recently bought the 8 Flip. I thought it would suffice with no notch, fast enough for me specs, but the rounded corners and windows are driving me nuts. I know this is personal preference,...

New Flip Fones?

Will there be any new flip phones coming up? I'm particularly attached to this design for multiple reasons and I'm really hoping you're going to be releasing a new flip phone.Are you planning on continuing with this product or are you discontinuing t...

Zenfone 8 Flip long term use

Anyone here have the zenfone 8 flip? What are the issues that you've encountered so far? Does it have the ramdump issues of the zenfone 8 as well? I've searched but I wasn't able to find any ramdump issue for the flip. Im planning on upgrading from m...