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Alarm vibrating even though set as disabled

Am on latest firmware and noted that my ZF8 Flip alarm is vibrating even though has been set as disabled 臘Not sure anyone has reported this bug but it's sure wasting my battery as obviously vibration aren't gonna wake me up since phone is not near my...

smchay by Rising Star I
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Rotate LOCK Screen?

Another fellow user showed the hidden function to rotate home screen into landscape.Now I wish to rotate Lock screen into landscape.Is it possible? Any hidden settings to also rotate Lock Screen?Thanks!

Rotate home screen

Love my new Zenfone 8 flip!However, everything rotates into landscape EXCEPT from home screen and app drawer!Would be so nice to have the home screen and app drawer to rotate as well.Perhaps I'm missing some setting somewhere?If not, hope to see an u...

Light Trail in Zenfone 8 Flip's camera

It would be so amazing to have the light trail mode on Zenfone 8 camera To be able to capture moving water during the day without having to buy a ND filter.Is it possible to add this feature in the future?

Resolved! Zenfone 8 flip already registered

Hello,I have been trying to register my phone but it says that it's already registered. I was in contact with a ASUS representative last summer but she never got back to me and doesn't answer.

Android 13 beta forum section permissions

Hi,I've received android 13 beta and the email regarding it but the related section here on Zentalk is hidden. The link shows this page: Can you fix it?Thanks

maicol07 by Rising Star I
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Main camera can't focus at far object

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: Zenfone 8 flipFirmware Version: 33.0210.0210.131Rooted or not: not rootFrequency of Occurrence: Always========================================1. Called service center they asked...

Apps got frozen

Every since I got my Asus Zenfone 8 flip the apps are sometimes got frozen and stop working. Does someone have any ideea how I can correct that things?

No sound from external mic

Hi there. I've just bought the zenfone 8 flip for making videos. I've connected different external microphones (using a USB3 adapter) but although the audio input shows the "external mic" option & I click on that, no sound is recorded. It's the same...