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What time Asus oem unlock server can working?

I have been waiting for the official unlock to be available since 5/2.And I even called customer service.Can ASUS give us users a date?Please be a little responsible to consumers, we are not spending money to wait for an after-sales service with no d...

Zenfone 8 Flip Camera Module replacement

Hey folks, Short Story:Anyone know where I can source a Zenfone 8 Flip Camera module, the main camera on my flip is busted, a lot of the local phone repair shop here don't have supply for it. I saw one online from Cellrepair, but its OEM, not sure if...

JCDude by Star I
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Asus Zenfone 8 Flip. Model: ZS672KS (I004D).

Dear Zentalk membersThis is my first post here, I need your valuable suggestions for my Flip 8 (ZS672KS).I am using Jio network under 5G coverage area but 5G network is not showing up. Whom should I contact for this issue so my 5G can run on this dev...


All stupid things I had done just to bring back my phone to life but nothing happens, it was all started when A13 update, my wifi won't connect/open, hotspot is error and my camera won't flip. All my media files are corrupted when I transferred my me...

Macro view always blurry and unfocused

Am running the latest A13 on my ZF8 Flip and noticed that the camera will not be able to take photos in the macro view properly ie. photos will be blurry and unfocused.The normal and wide angle view works fine, is my lens the issue OR is anyone else ...

smchay by Rising Star I
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Camera warning noise

I have a Zenfone 8 flip and I use a leather case. If I'm playing games I fold the case right round cobering the camera. The phone then starts warning noises because the camera is blocked. Question:Can I turn this warning noise off?Latest A13 software... dont see new updates

Hello. I have FW and every time i've checked to update - say just not available new versions.Also, manual update after download FW -  not work. Seems systen dont see any update files.Can somebody help to update? Thank you.