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Zenfone 8 flip - front camera (64 MP) does not support to all third-party camera application

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Zenfone 8 flip - front camera (64 MP) does not support to all third-party apps. 

I brought this phone expecting that it will fully support not only for it's own camera app, but also other third-party camera application. The phone was factory set to allow only low resolution quality camera down from 64 to 8 MP which cause a terrible quality output both photo and video capture. For example application,  Open camera, smart mike+, google camera and webcam application such as Camo and DroidCam. These applications inform that the camera was factory set not to launch full capacity, it was allow to use only 8 MP and I cannot choose the higher quality. (what the heck is this?) Why I cannot use full capacity of the camera's hardware.  It's only allow when using Asus Camera that come with the phone. Whyyyy? 

Another point, the phone does not allow external microphone like lavalier microphone for recording even if I activate the external mic function in the camera application. 

Please help fix it all. You should not limit the access to use full capacity of the phone like this. 


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To access max raw size Asus use specific id camera.

Standart 0 and 1 (rear and front) ids got 16 and 6.7 mp. For access 64 mp you need to use id 6 and 7. (It work with Gcam, Mcpro24fps and MotionCam, didn`t check other third-party cameras)

But, its not working for newest zenphones (9 and 10), because 766 module got 50 mp raw with 10 fps and crash any apps that work with raw.

I try Gcam according to your suggestion but the latest version is not modded for video recording function yet. I planed to use this phone for video recording and live streaming with external microphone like lavalier or wireless microphone. There are too many limitations on this phone using for work. If I cannot use the main camera in third party application and cannot connect to the external mic, this phone is just a stone for me.  

Thank you for your help by the way. 

Ps. This is the link to download Gcam 8.9 (latest version now, I think) for who interest in Gcam.

Gcam is not app for video capture at all. Its not better than stock.
(and newest version of Gcam like BSG has no sense, because it hasn`t all preferences like older - you can`t set good settings for cameras. Modders need some time for it)

For video capture you must use mcpro24fps (it has free full version, but on russian language) or MotionCam (for raw video) instead.
But, mcpro have problem with 60 fps capture (large frame drops):

And can`t EIS enable, and can`t slow mo use. (like any gcam)
But 30 fps work good on any camera module. (even 8k from frontal module)
And you can use 10 bit recording.

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You can try ready to use gcam config from 4pda.