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WiFi and hotspot not working+ camera retraction not working in ZenFone 8 flip

Star II

My phone got an update from Google security . After that update suddenly WiFi and hotspot had issue on phone . Continuous effect later on my camera retraction had effected . Idk why that occured but I pretty sure it's not my fault because before that I was using 2 years + not had any issues . Now please Goodbye Zenfone 8 flip  [230815]ZenFone 8/8 Flip_WW/EU/RU_33.2010.2010.314 (Android 13) try check all these complain . I not afford to do the phone with the price I bought please la at least consider me as a consumer . Not only me had effected like this. Don't lose your consumers trust like this . Not only named as premium phone ,it should be in usage and service eligibility too . There is no warranty extension too how do people trust Asus if u guys make your service very pricey .. most of the people can't afford please understand my situation , I handed over my ZenFone 8 flip in plaza lowyat hq of Asus . Please check and reconsider my case #justice



I apologize for any dissatisfaction caused.
Regarding your feedback, could you please provide your mobile serial number or RMA number? This will allow me to request assistance from the local service team to better understand the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

RMA #: MYS********
Serial #: M4AIB76********

Unfortunately, based on the information provided, your phone is now out of warranty (warranty expired on 2022-05-14). As it has been beyond the warranty period, the service center may provide you with a cost estimate for parts replacement. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If it's my fault I definitely willing to pay somehow . But jz look at the case what wrong I did. For an update bug you want me to pay that's not fair enough . And you see you asking me to pay the phone price when I bought . Howcome it'll be a fair deal. Reconsider my request for this one time . As a consumer I didn't ask you much , just need justice . Problem occured after update so its software side startup not from my side . Please fix it and end the problem that started from Ur side .