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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Blurry When Moving

I'm new to the world of PC gaming and the ROG Ally has been a nice intro. With that said, the plethora of settings are certainly something new to me. An issue I've noticed specific (or at least most noticeable) is in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. My gam...

ellab by Star I
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Facing Camera Backwards Bug

I'm facing an issue where my POV camera appears to be reversed. Despite restarting the game, the problem persists.I am playing on PC, and interestingly, when I access the menu, the options display as "Controller language" (LB, LT, Esc = B).

Changed Admin Password to blank now its not working

Hello, So I recently changed the bios admin password to clear/just enter so that I don't have to enter my bios password everytime I boot up the laptop. Now it simply doesn't work, it keeps giving me "invalid password".Are there any tips/advice that y...

kiel__ by Star I
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ExpertCenter D7 Mini Tower (D700MC) and Nvidia 3050 rtx GPU

Hi! Recently i bought ASUS ExpertCenter D7 Mini Tower (D700MC) witch has D700SC motherboard, and wanted to use my old MSI Geforce RTX 3050 AERO and this card needs 8-pin ...

renpy by Star I
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My laptop freeze and producing buzzing sound

My laptop freeze and producing buzzing sound while gaming or opening two or more programs. Sometimes, it produces buzzing sound while opening the apps like discord and Spotify. Here is the laptop specification.Model - Asus TUF F15 GamingCPU - Intel C...

ASUS VivoStick PC TS10

Hi,I require assistance with my ASUS VivoStick PC TS10. The OS (windows) has since gone into a locked state and I am unable to enter into OS.I need some product number or a security code, the issue is the vendor the device was bought from did not pro...

Control Fan Speed

Hi all,I have a PN64 with Windows 11.Is there a way to control the fan speed of the PN64 via command line?TIA

gregeeh by Star I
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Zenbook Warranty Issue

I've been chasing ASUS and Curry's (my seller here in the UK) for my laptop that has been returned for warranty repair for the fourth time in the last few months. I purchased the laptop 9 months ago and haven't had the device with me for 3 months now...