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How to disable USB Power

Star I

Hi all,

I have a PN64 that I would like to disable USB power when it is turned OFF.  There is no "Set USB power delivery in Soft Off State (S5) to disabled" option in the bios.

How can I turn OFF the USB power when the PN64 is OFF?



Accepted Solutions

Hi @gregeeh ,

Thank you for providing the test results. After verification, it appears that all test results are normal. When ErP is enabled in the BIOS and the system is shut down:

  • With ErP ready disabled (S5 state): LAN light remains on, and USB ports have power.
  • With ErP ready enabled (S4+S5 state): LAN light turns off, and USB ports have no power.

You can refer to the video we provided in the private message for further details. Thank you.

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Hi @gregeeh ,

based on your issue, we're currently checking with relevant department. If there's any news, we'll inform you.

Thank you.

Thank you, I will wait for your solution.

Hi @gregeeh ,

based on your issue, after checking with relevant department, in the BIOS settings, there is an ErP option available under Advanced > APM Configuration > ErP Ready > Enable. When the ERP function is enabled, the system typically reduces power consumption during standby or sleep modes, which may result in some external devices like keyboards, mice, network interface cards, etc., being unable to wake the computer from sleep mode. Thank you.


Thanks for your reply, however this does not turn OFF the USB power.  My understanding is if you set this to enabled it just enables the 3 options below it, like WOL.