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Zenfone 10 - how to unlock in the US?

So I'm using my Zenfone 10 from Hong Kong and, because I haven't had to "unlock" a phone for international travel in years, I thought I'd be ok traveling to the US. Apparently not. I visited a Verizon store and was told that I couldn't even buy a SIM...

breonko by Star I
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Impossible to mute dial pad sound on Zenphone 10

Hi,So since a while back (since the latest update?) I can't silence the dial pad sound on my Zenphone 10.  I can turn off screen locking sounds, camera sounds and touch sound but shutting down dial pad does nothing. The only way to do this is to comp...

Not an iPhone user

I bought last year zenfone 10 and I am really happy with it and my community doesn’t know what that phone is, so they keep asking me what is this phone? and why you bought it ? why do you change your iPhone? why don’t you buy the new iPhone ? It’s be...


 Hi Asus, many people think that Zenfone 10 is equipped with good hardware, but is not supported by adequate software, promise us to immediately publish UBL Zenfone 10 after Android 15, this also affects Asus service and optimization on Zenfone devic...

Zen_F03 by Star I
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Display Zenfone 10

Hi Asus, why is the Zenfone 10 flagship screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz only equipped with 5 finger touches simultaneously, this is clearly very annoying, especially for gamers who play, please update this problem AsusThank YouBest regard

Zen_F03 by Star I
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Zenfone 10 unlocks in my pocket

#zenfone10I've seen two closed issues in this topic:https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-10/phone-unlocks-in-pocket/m-p/391500#M672https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-10/phone-still-unlocks-in-pocket-support-ignores-it/m-p/417114#M1966There are still ...

feydx by Star II
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Unlock tool

When is the tool coming?I would like to update my device to a newer version, and that only works if I am abel to to unlock the bootloader, you say soon, but when? I hoped you release it along with the Zenfone 11 Ultra but that didn't happened.I like ...

UI bugs

The notification shade seems to almost always pick white color for text on white wallpapers. The clock widget shows a white clock, meanwhile the weather app shows a black colored version??? The UI IS VERY  inconstant. + The widgets still struggle to ...

1000021430.png 1000021422.png
M_K_E by Star III
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Zenfone 10

So I finally bought the phone after much deliberation. The first noticeable feature is the Goliath battery. I charge it to 80% overnight and when I come back home, the charge is 50% in the evening after 4-5 hours of screen usage. The camera is decent...

huckk by Star I
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