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XT12 wired backhaul issue

Hi all I have a pair of XT12s and an XT9 in a mesh network.My Sky modem/router is connected to a switch which feeds the main XT12, the second XT12 is connected to the mesh by wifi and the XT9 by an ethernet cable connected to the router (they're in t...

Slow WIFI on AX3000

i have purchased RT-AX58U V2 and the WIFI is capped at 3 mbps. The PC connected via LAN is doing okay but the other devices are not. Changing between control channels, 2.4/5/6 ghz bands doesn't affect the problem. 

AsusZen XT8 & VPN

Just bought an Asus Zen XT8 router.  I've been using Mullvad VPN. The instructions for configuring the two properly seem incredibly complicated to me. I've tried to follow them and failed repeatedly.Is there any other good VPN which is simpler to set...

Sign In RT-AX86U Pro

Hi there,I am not sure how to find the the username and the password for :Sign InRT-AX86U ProI would like to mention that the user and pass are not : -admin, admin-the ones from the back of the router-the name of the wifi+password  ( as when I got th...

Linda04 by Star I
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Static IP for every LAN clients

Hi. I have an Asus Zen Wifi XD5 router and I would like each device connected to the LAN to always be assigned the same IP address. How can I do this? It's about Raspberry Pi. Every time I connect them to the LAN, I would like to have the same IP add...

wjarosz by Star I
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update issue

my Router RT-AX53U but there is long time no update .And also Rssi dBi is So highly showing and Router became very Hot .and Beamforming not properly work .fix this issues .Thank you


XT8 iPhone Tethering doesn't work

Currently I don't have internet in my new apartment but I do have unlimited 5G internet on my phone.I want to connect my phone to the router and share the internet. In the guide it looks so easy and cool but in reality it just doesn't work.The firmwa...

SWEFD by Star I
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Resolved! asus rouge ax gt 11000 router

lan ports on this router (ROUGE-AX-GT-11000) DO NOT WORK but wifi works pretty well. I have tried everything but lan is dead any similar failures out there ???. Yess the router is on automatic updates

Asgeir by Star I
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