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Asus Zenfone 8

Star II

Where can I file a complaint regarding manufacturing defects of my phone



May I know what kind of issue your phone is encountering? 

I am filing this complaint regarding my ASUS Zenfone 8.

Just 9 months after I bought it, suddenly the phone would not recognize any SIM cards or networks.  Fine, i had it diagnosed  sent to your tech support and they fixed around a mobth or so. Details below...
JO NUMBER:MKN-20230636 May 2023. Barely another 8 mo's go by and its at it again. Same issue, not recognized SIM or any network. No physical damage whatsoever. Just an error that basically happens every 8-9 mos. The difference is now your tech is asking me to pay basically the same amount as it was brand new... As per them,  its the main board and it costs the same as a new phone.  I can't help but feel this is a scam. I mean ko physical damage and same issue all internal.  Definitely a manufacturing defect. But i end up stuck with a useless phone with a new  JOb NUMBER: MKN-202429386 but i have to pay it full price?? This is unacceptable. The phone is barely 2 years old and a quarter of the time its in your repair shops... Can't help but feel that this is a scam. Just when I was planning to putsue the latest zenfone. I chose you guys because of your compact size, but this experience is traumatizing

According to the serial number you provided, the warranty coverage for your phone is in Taiwan.
Additionally, the repair form you provided does not seem to be from our repair center. May I know if you previously submitted your device to our repair center? Also, could you please confirm your current location?

I've heard that Taiwan warranty nonesense. It won't work for me since I'm from the Philippines and I bought online shipped off shore. That's how much I liked your products before. The repair form is definitely from ASUS Philippines thru their accredited ASUS outlet in SM Marikina. I sent my phone there twice for the same issue in the past 8 mos as well as I have other ASUS gadgets that I sent thru them before for repair and then sent to your Main Office here in the Philippines for parts and service. Attached a screenshot for reference as proof