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Battery Replacement

Star I


I want to ask if anyone replaced battery in Zenfone 8? How to get original one. I live in Poland and as I searched for battery availability it doesn't look good. When I had a Huawei phone it was the manufacturer at authorized service centers that did battery replacement campaigns for a small amount of money, is there such a thing in Asus too?

After 2 years without replacing the battery this phone becomes useless...


Zen Master I

That Huawei battery replacement campaign was because its batteries had a defect. And when it happened to me, they changed it for free after 3 years of use (in Spain). 

As far as is known, the batteries that Asus has mounted have a normal operation and there is no replacement campaign. Talk to Asus support in Poland and get a quote. 


You may contact the local customer service to inquire about sending it for battery replacement.
The following is the contact information: 
Thank you.

Thanks a lot, I hope this doesn't mean that they got only 1 item 😂 Unfortunately it's a little expensive, 47 e with ship to Poland ;/

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