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Zenfone 8 wireless connectivity issues when out of town

Star I

My zenfone 8 (model# ZS590KS) (2.5 years old) lost its wireless connectivity, but I was still able to get texts & emails via wifi but no phone calls.  I switched the sim card to slot 2 & that resolved the issue somewhat.  Now when I travel out of town the same thing happens but then it works when I return home.  My spouse has the exact same phone and has no issues out of town (in the same place where I was).  I have replaced the sim card, that did not fix the issue.  Additionally, when I power down the phone & power it back up when out of town, my phone will connect to the wireless for about 5 minutes then drop the wireless again.  I was told by an AT&T sales person that this might be a sim card reader issue & probably better to replace the phone than spend the money to repair it.  Suggestions?  Thanks.


Zen Master I

Well, I think that repairing the sim reader will be much cheaper than a new Zenfone. Talk to the technical service first for help and guidance and a repair estimate. 

Star II

Where can we file a class action lawsuit against ASUS. Have the same issue and they are not willing to assist in any way, just gives you the run around