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How to disable voice mail notifications

I keep receiving annoying voice mail notifications, how can I completely disable them ?I don´t have any interest whatsover in occasional voicemails, especially since it´s only errors in most cases.

Fonseca by Star I
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Modify behaviour of notification LED

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to customize the behaviour of the notification LED on this phone. For example, I don't need the LED to blink for a simple email. In other phones I've had with the notification LED, it has been possible to chang...

fdostie by Star I
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Vibrations in ultra durable mode

When my phone jump into ultra durable mode due to low battery level, vibrations not working.. using 138 fw.. Can devs fix this ???

Twin Apps causing Android System Webview error

A couple of days ago, my phone automatically updated Android System Webview and following that update it seemed like multiple apps that rely on the program kept crashing.I tried to find solutions online and found nothing. But eventually I kinda found...

Backup for factory reset

Because of various issues, i would like to make factory reset of my phone. However, I would like to keep all data and apps. Where should I backup these? Google or Asus acount? Will all apps be restored?

Fingerprint and FaceID suddenly shuts off

Hello dear community.Recently I started getting problems with screen unlock features on my phone.For some unknown reason, my Zenfone 8 suddenly shuts off fingerprint and FaceID simultaneously. It does not matter what I do (browse web, listen to music...

Android Auto loses GPS position after system upgrade to.138

I can confirm that there are definitely problems with Android Auto after update to .138I have lost GPS position twice last week following the upgrade and twice today.To be sure, I deleted Android Auto cache and data and restarted my phone.I started t...

VoLTE/WiFi calling (in Poland)

Are you planning to include volte service in Poland? Soon they will switch off our 3g and the phone will be thrown away. this is not a small problem. please deal with the polish operators

Vismaior by Star III
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Video call and VoLTE/WiFi calling (in Poland)

Hello These are my questions related to Asus Zenfone 8:1) is it possible to use native video calling? (i have two galaxy s6/s7 phones and in PlusGSM and video calling works on both s6<->s7) tried it with ZF8 and didn't work2) VoLTE and Wifi calling ...

speeder by Star III
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Screen content flickers

Very strange. Started 2 weeks ago. When I scroll through articles in most sites, and also while video is playing on web pages including youtube, the screen content becomes double and is flickering. It stops when I place a finger on the screen. Tried ...