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Zenfone 8, hotspot will cause sudden restart when wifi status change (reconnected/toggle on&off)

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Hi all, as the subject mentioned.

Did anyone encounter the same issue?

I use hotpost most of the time, and it become annoying now as it happen too often.

When my Zenfone 8  hotspot is activated. It always suddenly force restart when there is change in wifi status. For example, when I have one connected device in my hotspot, if wifi toggle change from on to off or I suddenly get connected to a wifi router, my phone will restart.

I think this is a software issue where Asus need to fix.


I'm running on latest Asus firmware, non-root.





Hi @trtshen ,

according to your problem, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first.

Also, I have PM you for confirming Wi-Fi issue details.
Could you please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information?

Thank you.