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Cannot reconnect to mobile network after signal interruption

Star I

Model: Zonfone 8

Android 13, 33.0210.0210. 210

After a mobile data signal interruption (eg.: getting into an elevator and get out) the apps on the phone don't have mobile data connection until I switch mobile data off and on.

Facebook, Instagram, Chrome, Messenger, all aps suffer from this. The mobile network is good in my area. No matter where I go, or how long I wait, the connection won't be re-estabilished, until I switch mobile data off and on.

While the issue persists telephone calls work fine on the phone, and the phone shows the 4G signal even though it doesn't work.

I had this on Android 12 already. Super annoying. Checked the provider network settings on the phone, they are what they should be. Tried switching off 5G,didn't work.

Please help. 


Star I

Hi, I have the same issue. Didn't find any other solution yet either.

Thanks for sharing. Let's raise awareness!