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zenfone 8 not able to detect/scan/see 5ghz wifi

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Just got a zenfone 8 ZS590KS and found it doesn't work with 5ghz wifi. Searching on this forum and I can see I am not alone (to my surprised it doesn't seem to be fixed!?). The same wifi 5ghz signal works for my older zenfone 5z, macbook pro, iphone 12, lenovo P50, asus chromebook. It is real disappointing seeing this newly bought so call "flagship" zenfone 8 (16G/256G) didn't work with wifi 5ghz! Please advise what can be done to fix this. Had been using zenfone for so long (zenfone selfie / 3 / 5z) and this time is real disappointed!

1. Your current firmware version
Baseband version: M3.13.24.67-Sake_0000110
Kernel version: 5.4.147-qgki-perf-g5a3b50d48435 builder2021@builder2021-RS720-E9-RS8-G #1 Sat Jun 11 01:23:45 CST 2022
Extension Rom: 1.1.25
Build number: SKQ1.210821.001.31.1010.0411.89 release-keys
Firmware: 31.1010.0411.89

2. Your current router model name
RT-AC86U ( +RT-AC67U ( with dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) enabled,

3. Can your phone detect 5 ghz wifi in other area now?
Didn't test, just bought this phone. But it doesn't make any sense all my other device can see the 5ghz wifi while this new phone can't

4. If you put your phone and other devices in the same room of the router, can other device detect 5 ghz wifi yet can't your device?
Same room, all other devices are working. I have a zenfone 5z, macbook pro, lenovo thinkpad P50, they all can see 5ghz wifi.

5. Please try reset Network: Settings>System>Reset options>Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
Doesn't work
6. Please try turn off the router and reconnect the signal.
Tried, doesn't help

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Interesting, I found this reported issue and followed something similar by setting my Asus Router's 5G channel from "Auto" to "48" and now my zenfone 8 can see the 5Ghz wifi.
I think support team should fix this as it is real disappointing.

Super odd, will make a rapport over this.

Hello @usera
I got a reply from R&D and this is what they said:
This could happen with some devices not recognizing the network but this can be achieved by changing the network itself to Wifi5 and trying again.
Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot > Type of Wi-Fi hotspot
Please try this and let me know if it solves the issue!

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