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Zenfone 8 hotspot not working after Android 13 update

I installed the pushed update for Android 13 on my Zenfone 8, and after that my WiFi hotspot stopped working. The option is no longer under its typical location in Settings > Network & Internet, it must be searched for or accessed via shortcut. I hav...

Zenfone 8 Hotspot not working after Android 13 update

I got an OTA update on my Zenfone 8 to Android 13, and after that my Hotspot isn't working. The button isn't even moving to ON. I have tried changing all Hotspot settings, factory reset the phone, still not working. I downgraded to A12 and it started...

Where can I get ASUS Mobile Manager APK

I have lost ASUS MM and would like to obtain the APK and thus re-install this version.I can locate various ASUS MM v.9* at various apk repositories but not v.10.I can also see MM v.40 but I think this is not ASUS and therefore not at...

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ZenFone 8 Chrome Artifacts after Android 13 update

Model: ZenFone 8FW 33.0210.0210.210Not rootedFrequent, consistent.Chrome 110.0.5491.65For some reason, since the Android 13 update, I get wierd artifacts in Chrome. I have not noticed it elsewhere, but in Chrome, even now, as I type this, you can see...

After Android 13 update display turn on and off

My zenfone 8 continues to turn on and off the screen even when placed on a table/surface lay down, this occurs after updating to Android 13.I disabled lift wake up and continues...Its not the power button because it not blocks randomly, just in the l...