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Project Treble implementation

Star II

The ZenFone 8 has the Snapdragon 888 processor that is the starting point for Project Treble implementation. Commitment to the project can come in the form of 4 years of upgrades pertaining to Android OS versions or at least Android security patches. Four years from the date of phone release would be until 12 May 2025. Is there any guidance yet from ASUS as to whether it is committed to Project Treble?

I see a few posts about this but no clear response from ASUS on this matter.


Rising Star I

the developers are already sleeping after the release of A13 update with jan security patch

Star III

Yea, this is a joke...

Asus treats its phones as toys for children. Nowadays, phones serve not only as entertainment equipment, but are also used for payments or accessing important online accounts. Unfortunately, Asus, through its security update policy, is very quickly condemning its phones to the trash heap. Unless, of course, someone uses them only to play games. You want to use your phone for serious things, buy products from Google, Samsung, Apple.

even the mid range phones of other brands receving updates for 3-4 years, Asus providing security patch and 2 OS updates for their premium phones, pathetic.


What is the source of your information implying that ASUS has a policy of (only) "providing security patch and 2 OS updates for their premium phones"?