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AT&T work around for international Zenfone 8

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I've managed to register my LG V35 with a straight talk AT&T sim, and then put that sim into my Zenfone 8. It's been working well for months.... Does anyone know if I'll be able to do the same with AT&T pre paid? My Zenfone was booted off the network when the AT&T store replaced my LG V35 IMEI with the Zenfone IMEI. Can I get away with this for a couple years? AT&T prepaid definitely throttled me less than straight talk.

UPDATE: I've gone through a few people from AT&T trying to get clear answers about their service.... What I've learned is that this AT&T work-around for using an international Zenfone 8 will ONLY work with their prepaid service or and MVNO. AT&T post-paid will automatically update your account with you phone's IMEI.... This would result in you getting kicked from the network.

I've moved from Straight Talk to AT&T prepaid for a cheaper plan, with more data per month, and better data bandwidth. It's also worth noting that my AT&T sim does not seem to let me on 5G networks..... but this is fine. I've found that the LTE network in my area is much faster than the 5G network. Regardless, I think I'll be upgrading to a Zenfone 9 in the next year or so. I'd like swap to a US version so I don't have to deal with this 'not a certified phone' garbage.


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