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Zenfone 8 bricked in EDL mode one day after warranty expired

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Had the phone for a year plus one day. It suddenly bricked with black screen while I was using it. This happened one day after the one year warranty! The service center said it's out of warranty and I have to pay, etc. Wondering whether to just keep it as a brick (and an example of what crappy company not to buy from) or to try to fix it, or just pay up to them despite how angry I am. What a bad product! Is it bad luck or could they have engineered it to last only as long as their warranty period?! The phone always has a black screen now and a computer recognizes it as a QUSB_BULK_ device. It seems to be a known hardware problem. No luck to fix on my own. Should I give up or bite the bullet and pay them?



Hi @shimganar , We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

 I have PM you for confirming the details.
Could you please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information?

Thank you.

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I had an issue with mine, it wouldnt  work properly after upgrade to Android13  and it was over a year old,  but they fixed it for free.  The warranty is 2yrs


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My zenfone 8 got bricked 27 days after one-year warranty.  Asus said all my data would be gone once it gets fixed~~~  Therefore, I asked somebody else to fix it (it was CPU problem which needed to recap) in order to keep data.  I will not buy ASUS phone again! 

Not much help to you know, but always back up your important data,  either to PC via cable or to the cloud 🙂