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Zenfone 8 - - camera application not working (new details)

Ok..   so I've written before on my zenfone 8 camera not working, and now I've got some interesting data points.I've downloaded Google camera - what's interesting is google camera launches, but it seems like the "bottom" camera (12MP) works, but the ...

does not attach / browse files in any browser

For some time, 2-3 weeks maybe, I am not able to browse for files to attach in any browser. By default I use Firefox, secondly Brave. Same results. Regardless I click on paperclip on email website, try to post picture on Facebook (in web browser as I...

umcyk by Star I
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White noise during audio (bluthooth, internal speakers)

Have any other Zenfone 8 users noticed a strange noise resembling the one in this white noise  video (https://youtu.be/MKO1379HzHM) when playing audio through both Bluetooth and the internal speakers? I initially observed this noise on the speakers a...

Is Zenfone 8 still worth it?

I was a proud user of OnePlus 5 for five years untill dropped on the floor this morning and screen went black. It was a decent phone with good battery life (still was charging once a day, every two days earlier). Pure Android which means it is fast a...

trent76 by Star I
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Firmware missing on website?

Hello,i wanted to download the latest firmware for my Zenfone 8, but i was unable to find it. It seems that at https://www.asus.com/mobile-handhelds/phones/zenfone/zenfone-8/helpdesk_download/ the whole "BIOS & FIRMWARE" tab is just gone from the web...

kubai by Star I
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Resolved! Need android 12 firmware to downgrade from android 13

android 13  broke my wifi and there is no way to download the latest android 12 firmware on the official website anymore (or i didn't find it). Please help me with that. 

blox98 by Star II
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Phone can't connect to WiFi6 (AX) anymore after update to .314 FW

Hi.I have Zenfone8 and Asus RT-AX68U. I had no problems with my WiFi (WiFi6) until today. Today my phone has been updated to FW WW_33.0210.0210.314 and it can't connect anymore to my WiFi6 network. It constantly trying to connect (at least 10-20 time...

dron39 by Rising Star II
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Resolved! wifi not work zenfone 8 after update to android 13

my Zenfone 8 suddenly wifi doesn't work, hotspot doesn't work, gps doesn't work properly. it start after I update my device to android 13, I get notification "UI not responding". then I restart my device,suddenly my device has that problem. the warra...

Anugra by Star I
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Aggressive app closures 2023

Apps keep closing after a few minutes and I'm >this< close to chucking this zenfone 8 back to Amazon and getting a Samsung.Phone is mostly useless if it closes firefox after 10  minutes. Are there any options or settings that actually work in A13 ?? ...

Kisuke by Star I
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Owners of Zenfone 8 Wifi issue

Owners who opt not to get your Unit repaired, how is the experience using only mobile data, also did you experience any other problem with the unit. I wonder how much it cost to get it repaired and if it's worth it. I hope its only Zenfone8 isolated ...

Zauel by Star I
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