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Asus Zenfone 8: don't buy it! Horrible battery performance, horrible Asus service.

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Bought this phone end of July. Straight from the box extreme poor battery performance. Drained from only looking at it, not even using it, running hot. Spend way to much time to all the battery saving settings, charging limits, updates, roll backs, factory resets, safe mode sessions etcetera. It's just not right when battery life of your 'flagship' phone becomes like an obcession to get it through a day. Battery performance doesn't even come close to my ancient OnePlus2 from 2015, which I now use again, since the Asus just can't be used for half a day without charging.  Overnight is ultra durable mode it still drains 30%-50%. 

Send it for repair to Asus, but like with many others here on Zentalk, I received the phone unrepaired. They performed their Asus test and the result were fine according to their benchmark. 'Problem can't be duplicated'. Could send it in again according to Asus, but to their won warning with a good change the phone would come back again untouched, unrepaired. What kind of service is that?

This whole Asus experience is one big dissapointment. They obviously know about many of their Zenfones perform badly battery wise. And still the dare to say that half a day to a day it good enough and the phone is in good conditions. No it is not. It's a faulty product with a dissapoining service. When you back your products you make sure they perform like the specs you sold them with. When you can't figure out the problem, you send a new phone. Service isn't that hard, keeping customers happy neither. But at Asus this is just not the case. Never an Asus product in my life again.


Star III

Hello i want to write also here. I dont know much this phone yet. But i buy this 1 Day ago. I got this very good Price and only fev months old. But THE BATTERY 

That sucks. I charge this to 100% And now alrrady when 10minutes used internet BATTERY IS 96%.

I do not Haven Any apps yet. So stock apps 

BATTERY drains very fast. I use last Day 100% to 15 little bit over 3hours. Only internet no gaming. I use 4g and screen IS 0% LIGHT i mean. I use also dark mode.

How this phone can suck that BATTERY so fast 

My old oneplus 11 lasts over 9hours same use with ,5000mha BATTERY. But this zenfone 8 sucks IT on ninutes like 1hour internet and can drain over 15-25% that IS not normal.


Hi @leoncarrera @Redbone86 
I’m so sorry to hear about the issues you’re facing.

Can you please share a screenshot of battery usage when the battery drain issue happens and system version.

Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share a log so our team can review:

How to generate  a log:

1. Open “Calculator APP”

2. Enter “.19595+=”

3. Select the Log type according to the type of issue you want to capture. “General cases” will work for most issues.

4. After your selection the log tool will exit so you can duplicate the issue or wait for it to happen. Try to use the screen recorder to show your issue when possible. If you can't screen record your issue, then please take a screenshot right after the issue has occurred (as a timestamp) so we know where to look in the log.

5. Navigate back to the log tool via calculator and Tap "FINISH AND SHARE".

6. It takes several minutes for the log to generate. You can exit and do other stuff in the meantime. A silent notification will tell you once the process is done. Tap the notification and then the share button to upload the file to Google Drive and share the link with a moderator. Just make sure to change the permission first so that everyone with the link has permission to view it.

Note: When you're no longer planning on logging your device, enter “.09595+=” in the calculator and the log tool will stop as well as deleting all stored log files. Make sure to share via calculator. The files found in internal storage -> asus_log are not the correct files (they are only 1.2kb)

Keren. Thank you for replying. I think you missed the point of my original post. Asus flew my phone half across Europe to their repair in Poland. There they weren't able or willingly enough to diagnose the issue of the draining and heating phone, so returned it in the exact unusable draining state.

Multiple calls followed with Asus support with no result. In short Asus say they can't do anything else but sending the phone again for diagnosing, but with the most likely outcome they again can't duplicate the issue, so I'll get it back unrepaired anyway. Asus policy is that they don't repair phones without a diagnosing report, nor do they replace phones with new ones, not when they are broken during warranty or even when shipped broken to begin with. They only might swap phones for refurbished ones is what I'm told. And that's it. There Asus support simply comes to an end.

I bought a premium phone at a premium price of €600 which hasn't worked properly since day one. Out of the box it has been showing issues and causing frustration. The phone got all the updates, patches and what not, has been factory resetted over and over, ran in safe mode, got numerous restarts etcetera. Still the issue persisted. The settings tell that the battery usage is from 'other apps'. Just a few percent is used by the screen, the OS and some standard running stock apps, the majority by 'other apps'. This also in safe mode, so without anything else installed, straight from the factory. It doesn't say which one(s) drain and honestly I don't care (anymore). The phones drains and heats up. That's what matters. It makes no difference which settings used, updates installed, modes, holding it upside down, petting it or letting it alone. The issue appears not sometimes, but constantly. The phone is simply unusable. So what else can I do as the average consumer? What more does Asus need to know to take this issue and me as a client more seriously? And now you ask me to log things, perform complicated steps and take screenshots. You had the phone in your hands at the repair.

Like I said, Asus chose to send it back and to leave it with that. Standard policy when nothing can be found. Did repair even tried? And now nothing will happen, no repair, no new unit to replace this faulty one. As said I was told Asus never replaces phones with new ones, at most with refurbished ones. What! I bought a new phone at the new price with full warranty, so just make sure I get the product I payed for and what was pictured from Asus their specs. Not even a repaired second hand unit, just a proper new phone in new box with full warranty. 

I'm more then happy to send my phone over to you so you can log and screenshot all you want. I'm not a phone repair specialist nor achieving to become one. I'm a middle aged consumer who pays premium prices exactly to avoid difficulties or complicated technical steps to get a faulty appliance to work as supposed as I'm experiencing now. I don't want to be send to a physical Asus point hunderd of kilometers away, or that my only option and hope is a repair dept that doens't seem to be able to figure it out, so and I don't see how I need to figure this out myself.  So please Asus, relief me from this buggy ZenFone unit and provide me with a proper one, or rather return me my money. Because at this moment I'm pretty done with this all.

That calculator doesnt do anything with that code.

I tried fev Times. Or maybe i do something wrong.

I Will send that BATTERY screenshot later. 

I noticed that now when i have charged this fev Time battery IS little bit better. But still when i charge this full with that optimaised charge , when its full 100% IT goes fast to 90% and i dont use 5g only 4g with backlight 0% and not always 120hz i use that what changes that itself. I dont have installed apps only My bank apps.  Chrome IS The browser. I have used this phone only to search internet websites and sometimes fev minutes YouTube. Maybe this phone needs use now For weeks because i buy this just 4days ago and this phone is almost new. That WHO sell this to me has only used this fev months(then shutted down) This phone has still warranty (because IT almost new).

But i wonder that , this phone was not on use last 4months so maybe this phone needs now that i use IT and charge fev Times. Because Even now that battery has Been goes better every charge. First charge was use only 3hours. Second over 5hours and now over 6hours last charge. So i think IT Will Be fixed itself when i use this More. Because of that fev months not on use. This phone was off mode fev months(shutted off) So its not so big suprise that battery needs now several charged to comes Back Life again.

Thank god that battery was full when this was shutted down several months.