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Horrible battery life after android 14 update

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Please help me... how can I fix this?



Hey @illegalmushroom,

Can you please share a screenshot of your phone's battery usage?

Hi @Mansi_ASUS ,

Could you let me know specifically what I should capture in the screenshot? I don't want to display a list of all the apps I use, I think the most relevant information is that 'System Apps' always uses the most out of every entry displayed in the list.

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And also release the bootloader unlock tool @Mansi_ASUS 

An entire flagship has been made it that time

I've got the same usage by system apps on my ZF9.
I've switched off/uninstalled:
- apps / services not required;
- revoked permissions to use internet in background (both wifi/mobile) to all apps except the few I use and, of course, system services;
- revoked permissions to start on boot;

Nothing.....same results. I think it's the old same problem: SoC.
If it runs always at 100% of its power even if you text a message using GSM network it will consume so much battery.
That's why rooting the phone is necessary, sometimes, isn't it @Mansi_ASUS and @Laura_ASUS ?