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Are these issues fixed from Zenfone 8?

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I'm considering upgrading my aging ZF8 to ZF10, but there are a few issues remaining to this day with a fully updated ZF8 that are driving me crazy, and these are issues that don't often come up in reviews since they require some long term use to discover. Can anyone who made the same upgrade (or to ZF9 since fixes will hopefully carry over...) comment on the presence of these issues in ZF10?

1. Inconsistent fingerprint reader - fingerprint performance on ZF8 for me is really inconsistent, especially unlocking the phone. It seems more consistent when identifying after the phone is already on. It often takes me multiple tries, or requires pressing on the screen really hard to register. Hopefully moving to a capacitive sensor on the power button resolved this.

2. Randomly going out of silent mode - this is an elusive one, I tried asking in the ZF8 forum and no one commented that they noticed it. My ZF8 would randomly get out of silent mode after receiving or making a phone call. It's so inconsistent that I wasn't able to replicate with any certainty how to set this off. As you can imagine, it's really annoying to go to sleep and have your phone start beeping despite never having set it to ring mode myself.

3. Horrible pocket detection - My ZF8 has the worst pocket detection I have ever seen in a phone. I understand that to some extent all phones will have this issue after losing the proximity sensor to the bezel-less design, but this one is particularly bad. The amount of times I pull out my phone just to find it 8 levels deep into some apps menu tree is incredible. It once messaged some nonsense to a random dude on Discord from my pocket. I have to keep putting it in my pocket with the screen facing away from my leg, which obviously leaves it susceptible to all sorts of damage. This is probably the worst one of the three and my only dealbreaker.

Would appreciate any comments.



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Fingerprint sensor is very good.

So far, silent mode is stable enough, no deactivation.

Can't completely determine the proximity sensor yet, seems to be OK, not sure on how good.

Main phone: ZF10, stock ROM, unmodified, 128+8GB configuration, black
Other Asus products that I have:
TUF X570 motherboard
ROG Cetra earbuds
Dual RTX 3050