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Phone unlocks in pocket

Star II

Apparently the issue is already around since ZenFone 9:

And it is so extremely frustrating. Not only is the phone ignoring the "Pocket mode" (I guess this is the name, my phone is set to German), but it also skips in the media playback because my leg touches it or calls, texts random people without my knowledge. 

Today I had an irritated police man on the phone who did not find it funny at all, that my pants called them.

It seems like a reboot helps for at least a day or two, but I would expect a better experience from a phone in this price range.



Hey @thmsnhl,
Could you please provide the following information:
1. SN Serial Number & FW Version Number
2. How often does this issue occur? Did the issue start occurring after upgrading to the latest version, or was it happening before?
3. Please confirm if the following features are enabled:
- Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Face Unlock
- Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Fingerprint Unlock (if enabled, is the "Press or Touch" feature for unlocking with the screen off configured?)
- Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Smart Lock
- Settings > Display > Always On Panel
- Settings > Display > New Notifications (new notifications do not fully light up the screen but briefly display a single notification)
- Settings > Advanced > Pocket Mode
- Settings > Advanced > Gestures > Lift to check phone
- Settings > Advanced > Gestures > Double-Tap to Wakeup
4. Does the issue occur when the phone is in sleep mode?
5. Can you provide logs along with a video recording of the issue?

@Mansi_ASUS thanks for reaching out.

1. S/N: R6AIB700V159VKM  FW: WW_33.0220.0220.75

2. This issue occurs multiple times per day and has occurred since I got the phone and has not gotten better or worse with any update.

3. All settings are set according to your advice and have been all the time already.

4. I don't know, because I do not put the phone in sleep mode when I walk around with it.

5. I don't know how to reproduce it in video form when it happens randomly at any point in my pocket.

The issue still persists and is absolutely annoying. 

My wife (set up as an emergency contact) now ignores my calls because she already assumes it is an unintended pocket call.

Seriously, you have to investigate what is happening and why the sensors do not identify a pocket (complete darkness and a leg in direct contact) as a reason to disable touch input.

Star I

If you can, return it and get a different brand. ASUS have known about this for long enough but refuse to rectify. I just refunded my ZenFone 9 for this same reason. What a stupid way to scuttle what could be a great phone.  I nearly smell a class action in the wind.