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Thoughts on Zenfone 8?

Star I

Given the growing pains of the Pixel 6, I am considering selling it if the January update doesn’t fix the most annoying things. I have been looking for alternatives and landed on Zenfone 8. It sounds like a good phone on paper except the not so great camera and the battery. This surprises me because a phone like this should have received more attention, yet I barely heard of it — and I usually keep up with what is going on in the phone world.

Zenfone 8 users out here, what has your experience been like? Have you ever used a Pixel? If so, what features do you miss?

What is Zen UI like? I am told it is close to stock, but does it have any unique features. The ASUS page about Zen UI is pretty barebones to be honest.

Also, what is the support situation like? Does it get regular security updates? What about repairs? Given that ASUS is barely present in the US when it comes to phone, do they have service centers? Or do they just send you to uBreakFix like Google?

What about Android 12? Has it been updated yet? Does it use Material You? I absolutely hate MY.


Star III

This IS good phone on paper. But so long when asus do nothing about battery drain issue on zenfone its not usable. That battery setup shows IT OTHERS over 35% of 100% and that IS a Lot.

Good camera when lightning conditions are great. Cpu IS heating and throthling sometimes. Even not use gaming this. Just watching videos.

I have also oneplus 11 and that has amazing battery Life. Same use which i use this asus i got op11 over 11+hours sot Time with 5000mha battery. And asus 4000mha something about 5h and that is not good. Because this supposed lasts at least 7.5hours.