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Zenfone 8 life expectancy?

Star I

Not thinking about software support, but rather how long do you think it will last until it dies completely? Bought mine in January 2022 so it's almost two years and so far it's still running great - no lag, good battery life etc.


Star III

Asus zenfone 8 supposed have 2 OS updates and 3for security so i think that , next summer that IS EOL device. 

I dont know why asus hasnt change updates about zenfone 8 because phone has potential to run smooth that 14. But ANDROID 13 IS STILL SUPPORTED fev years. So you can use your zenfone 8 long Time.

I have several phones. And this zenfone IS VERY GOOD because of size and ip68. But that was maybe mistake to buy this on high Price just 5 days ago. 

I didn't noticed that this is alrrady eol. But maybe XDA DEVOLOPERS made Android 14 also to zenfone 8.