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Zenfone 8 bricked- desperate

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Out of nowhere, my Zenfone 8 has died. Its a complete brick. It worked fine, I restarted it, checked in a few minutes later, and it showed absoluetly no signs of life. Not even a LED light flashing when plugged in, no sounds when pluigging in, doesn't respond to button presses.... nothing. Its a brick.

I had important documents, a lot of sentimental pictures, a whole host of voice notes..... and all is lost. It has left me sad, broken, suicidal... I mean, I lost so **bleep**ing much I might as well hang myself now.

It has been manufactured on 2021.04. Warranty is long gone.

I see that its a growing trend... and it doesn't make it any easier.

I haven't seen any ways to restore the data. All I want is the **bleep**ing data. You don't exactly count on your phone becoming a brick, so while it is my fault for not backign it up propperly and timely, I am nevertheless a victim of obviously bad manufacturing as the data can just randomly be lost without a way to recover it.

Is there any way to  recover the data? Transplating the NAND, anything??? Is there a fix to this? What do we know about it? Will there be a class action lawsuit? How many phones are gone?

Asus, sincierly, go **bleep** yourself. On my phone I even had "if found return to ----- for a reward", discouraging anyone from stealing or anything... but you just cant prepeare against a system failiure such as this,.

I just need my data back.



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To Asus and all owners of a dead Zenfone 8 - ASUS - ZenTalk - 405921


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There are ways you can get the raw data to dump if you can get into EDL mode. I was able to raw dump of every partition for 128GB of data.

Unfortunately, it is encrypted with unbreakable encryption tied to the motherboard/processor. I have a huge file that I will never be able to do anything with. Perhaps someone like NorthridgeFix ( check out their youtube channel as well, or other micro-electronics repair person could fix the motherboard. Otherwise, I'm not sure you'll be able to salvage as even data recovery centers I doubt would be able to crack Android file encryption.

Yea, that is what I was afraid of the most. Motherboard level encryption. Sounds like a nightmare.

I'm still hoping that theres a chance someone finds a way to resolve the issue, maybe finds out what exactly is causing the motherboard to fail so that the part can be swapped... I have heard rummors that reballing teh CPU can work... so maybe some time in the future I am able to get the data back.